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50 Hours of Focus



50 Hours of Focus was a week-long event held by Contact Theatre Manchester that explored some of the most pressing issues in the arts industry. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills from a lineup of acclaimed artists and experts, connect with others working in the creative arts, and even meet the Contact team.


Each ticket provided access to two sessions per day and included a delicious lunch. The Space 0 venue was open every day, excluding Tuesday 31st January 2023, for attendees to engage in casual socialising and networking between 5pm and 8pm.


Short Supply (Bek, Mollie & Grace) were in residence during 50 Hours of Focus and had the chance to chat with attendees about their own expertise. This event aimed to start the new year off on a fresh note, getting creative minds moving and motivated with the help of a fantastic lineup of speakers. The goal was to inspire attendees to come up with new insights, ideas, and advice for each other, and for Our Team to play a bridge between emerging artists and arts organisations. By having knowledge in producing exhibitions, workshops, and talks, both in the north west and nationally, Contact asked us to use our platform to create a place for artists to connect and exchange knowledge in a comfortable and friendly space.

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