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Breifni Heyyman

Anxious Being + Ocean Void- In response to industrialism based anxiety. Text reads: "screaming howling like a train wind through the tunnel.","and they built it all the pistons, the trains machines atom bombs churning their smokes into rivers into veins in my stomach, cabled into spectacles, distractions. They pass their pain onwards.","Heaven + Hell are states of psyche. Certain people + things are able to actively inflict either Heaven [or hell], everything affects it passively".

I’m a queer artist who uses narrative and images to explore themes such as history, spirituality and the spaces that exist between masculine & feminine. My illustrations are able to focus on detail while retaining elements of abstraction and theatrical realism. I have a deep love of history, particularly in Celtic histories as well as Middle Ages (Tudor & Renaissance) and the history of fashion. Depicting historic forms from a contemporary perspective is something I feel passionate about, as my practise often aims to show how we shouldn’t view these depictions from a distant perspective, but instead see them as intrinsic to our understanding of the present. At the moment I’m focusing on building my audience, and so having work as part of this exhibition that celebrates queer artists would be really amazing for me.

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