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Calum Bayne

The work submitted are reflections on ruins, specifically Bothwell Castle -  a medieval ruin near my family home in Scotland, where I would walk my dog. My work attempts to enable the flexibility of a ruin, by temporarily binding routine, (dis)interests in the history of Bothwell Castle, personal fantasies and roaming as a way to interact intimately with history.For me, a site like Bothwell Castle creates a visible gap between how we might expect a medieval ruin to be historicised and the reality of its existence, as a backdrop to routine: a dog walking circuit.This gap offers an opportunity to view the site as a sort of set that is admired, trusted even, because of its survival through time but contextually disregarded due to its contemporary public function.The gap mentioned above, is the place where my work is made, as histories - shared and personal, fantasised and real - are able to aspire to, or reject, the status of a historic monument. The same mindset, driven by curiosity and association, is used when roaming this gap as privately roaming the internet. Walking the dog, fact, pining, artefacts, listening to pop and anonymity can all meet there.

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