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In August 2022, we travelled to Venice, Italy on a residency trip to the 59th International Art Festival La Biennale di Venezia. With a lot of ground covered and a new wealth of art to share from the festival, we’ve taken the time to reflect on some highlights from the event.

Anish Kapoor, Sandra Mujinga, Delcy Morelos, Marco Fusinato, and Jonathas de Andrade were some of the artists that stood out to the team. Although we could easily spend hours discussing all of the art we saw, we wanted to provide a brief overview of theme and our experiences in images.

The Milk of Dreams exhibition takes its title from a book by Leonora Carrington. This exhibition focuses on the theme of body metamorphosis, the relationship between individuals and technology, and the connection between bodies and the Earth. Contemporary artists are exploring a posthuman condition that challenges the traditional view of the human being and proposing new alliances between species. The pressure of technology, social tensions, the pandemic, and environmental threats have heightened the importance of recognizing the interdependencies between all living beings and the Earth. Many artists are envisioning the end of anthropocentrism, celebrating a new communion with the non-human and practising the "re-enchantment of the world."


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