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Leon Clowes

These submitted performative sound artworks are component parts taken from my re-entrant 90-minute montage radio art piece 'Days of Future Past'. Produced in April, the large scale piece combines new performative word pieces (as included here), alongside DIY electro songs I created in the early 1990s and bootleg tv and radio recordings of formative artists who have influenced me. The submitted extracts are all new. They are spatially responsive, environmentally induced and framed by the distance of being within my home surveying the outside(r), and that of my present day mind hardwired from lived experience of multiple traumas. One fundamental aspect of this is that of growing up gay in rural working class Staffordshire in the 1980s during the times of the AIDS hysteria.

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On The Front Lawn On My Bike 2020Leon Clowes
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When You Say 2020Leon Clowes
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