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Louise Woodcock

Tearing through layers of psychic, visceral, political and sexual realms using lost languages in sound, movement and light, Woodcock reinvents symbols and relearns gesture: Play into form, nothing is solid, all just flow.


Water is the name of her group.


Mortality breathes life into Woodcock's bold and uncompromising phraseology. Nostalgia is neglect, like in her home after her mothers loss, the bones used as bats, skulls reconnect us the lifeforce lost. Kali cuts of our heads to help us grow, like a bloody mass hedge row.


Transitioning to revolutionary states is the norm, fighting class, race, gender and sexual oppression since youth and through her work, becoming an inspiration to many in Manchesters experimental music, art and queer scenes, working with seminal figures most notably activist and spoken word 'King of New York', Lydia Lunch through home from home Islington Mill; This Heat's master and maverick Charles Hayward and with collaboration in fem collective Womb with Queer Genius, David Hoyle. Now member of ex-Factory Records Minny Pops, release out soon.


Woodcock achieved iconic status as 90's pop star satirical act, Trish Dee in 2017 with hit shows at Manchester Gallery, Duckie, and the Royal Exchange Studio and with IMPA TV at Sounds From The Other City. Emma Thompson of Fat Out and Water playing consumate interviewer to mock TV shows. Trish once supported The Fall relishing the heckles and the laughter alike of a bemused audience, with Mark E Smith paying her double and putting on a great show himself.


Dispite living in the capitalist maya, Trish Dee was a well-loved figure. Non-binaries passionately attempted to educate her, challenging towards greater compassion and understanding; a life-goal as a healer and empowerment coach with Lou's Cosmic Healing.


Even Elvis changed after death, in 'Message From Elvis' through blue 'light language' says 'don't do what I did and follow the patriarchy'. The picture has a code to help free us from societal trauma and to teach us about death according to spirit.


Forgiveness is at Louise's core, her maternal Indian roots and travel there for 6 months has deepened her knowledge and understanding of the bondage we live in. Liberation or Moksha is the aim. Always been her calling now fully comprehended, with the support of her 'real parents', the divine.

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