North West Graduate Art Prize 2021

MADE IT is a selected showcase of North West graduate talent from the class of 2021. Art graduates are invited to submit work for 2021 selectors Hetain Patel and Emily Speed (upcoming shows with British Art Show 9 and Tate Liverpool). Shortlisted artists will exhibit at Rogue Project Space in Manchester from 12/08/21 - 15/09/21 and in a curated digital showcase on Short Supply’s website.

Work covering any subject or theme may be submitted, and we accept works of all media. This may include but is not limited to: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, live & performance art. Submitted work does not have to be a degree show piece, but the entry must be a recent work that reflects the artists current practice, and must be ready to exhibit at the time of submission deadline. We are not accepting proposals for new work as entries for this opportunity.

​Awards offered are:

Curator’s Choice: £200 grant

CASS ART Prize: Solo show at CASS ART Manchester

Castlefield Associates Award: 3 Free 12-month Associate Memberships

People’s Choice: Spot in MADE IT 2021

Please make sure you fully understand all of our Terms and Conditions before considering applying for this open call.

​If you have a visual impairment or difficulty reading/understanding these terms and conditions, please contact us via shortsupplyfriends@outlook.com for an audio version or to discuss how we could support you further.


1. Artists applying must be graduating class of 2020 or 2021, either from a North West based university or now based locally in the North West having graduated elsewhere in the UK. We are accepting applications from both BA and MA graduates. 

2. Artwork submitted must be gallery ready, with install method clear on the work or with clear hanging instructions provided by the artist if selected to be in the (physical) exhibition.

3. Artists may enter up to 2 works, with a maximum of 2 images/media per submission. If submitting a video, audio or documented performance piece, please ensure you send the full version of the content in your submission.

​4. An appropriate description alongside your visual documentation within your submission is not compulsory, but is recommended. This will help the judges to best understand your work which they may have no prior knowledge of, and help them to make the most informed decision possible.

​5. Work will not be accepted if submitted outside of the given time frame – 15/04/20 – 15/06/20.

​Please consider these guidelines carefully when making your submission, as applications found to not meet these terms will not progress to the selection process.

​If you have any questions concerning these guidelines or your submission, do not hesitate to contact us via shortsupplyfriends@outlook.com


​1. To make an entry for MADE IT 2021 you must complete our online application form found on our website under ‘OPPORTUNITIES’.

​2. You will be asked for your full name, email, location and website or social media handles. Everything but the website and social media handles is compulsory, and you cannot move onto the next stage of the application without completing these details. The email is especially important as this is how we will contact you regarding your submission. While not compulsory, we would like to see some of your online presence if possible to help us get a more well-rounded understanding of you and your practice.

​3. You will be asked what your submission medium/s are, and you will be given an opportunity to explain in more detail about your submitted work/s and an overview of your practice. All of the questions in the second half of the form are not compulsory, but will be useful supporting information to help us review your application - so we recommend you answer as much of this part of the form in as much detail as possible.

​3. Once you have completed all parts of the form, please ensure you have fully read and understand the terms and conditions. You will be required to validate your understanding through a check box at the end of the form, and amendments to the form cannot be made once submitted.

​4. Once you have validated your understanding of the terms and clicked submit, the next page will contain a Drop Box link for you to upload your supporting images (maximum of 2 per artwork), and a PayPal link to make your optional application donation. It is crucial that after submitting the form you upload your images to the Drop Box, as without them we will not be able to take your application further and will not have time to chase this up during the selection process. It is your responsibility to ensure this is done. Please only send images of the submitted work. If you encounter any issues with this part of the application please contact us via our email straight away. All submitted images must be titled appropriately, with your full name, work title and year made.

​5. Once you have made your submission, you will receive an email confirmation via the email provided in the application form. We have tried to make each part of the application as clear and simple to complete as possible, but as ever, if you have any questions or need any help with any part of this process we are happy to help!


The suggested donation (£5 per entry) is displayed after submission of Short Supply’s application form for MADE IT 2021. This donation is voluntary, though we encourage those able to pay to do so. Short Supply as a group receives no long-term funding as an organisation, and facilitates all aspects of the delivery of MADE IT 100% in-kind to support arts graduates (who we love dearly!)

Any donations we receive through our open call application process are always put towards activity specifically for that opportunity, for things like paying us for our administration time, paying selectors for their time, paying technicians and gallery hire fees.

​As an artist-led initiative, we rely on the generosity of our supporters and collaborators to help us bring our projects to life, and continue offering and facilitating opportunities for artists across the North West and the UK. We do not wish to exclude any marginalised artists and graduates without the necessary funds to get involved in our projects, so we feel it is important that opportunities like these remain free for those who cannot afford it. ​We want Short Supply to remain an inclusive and accessible platform for all, and your support makes it possible for us to continue doing what we do, ensuring we keep our collaborations diverse and our events free. Hosting quality events and providing quality opportunities requires funding, and when it gets down to it, we’re just three working class artists trying to do our bit and be the change we want to see. If you can chuck us a few quid to help us do that, we will be immensely grateful, and hope in turn we can continue providing valuable experiences for our arts community.

​Please note: You will not receive a refund of your donation if you submit work/s but then decide to later withdraw your application, for entries that do not expressly meet the criteria listed above in ‘Submitting Artwork’ or for entries that do not make it through the selection process. The suggested donation is non-refundable.

Your payment is processed through PayPal, and Short Supply does not retain your details after processing your payment.


Work will be put forward to a professional judging panel including Hetain Patel and Emily Speed who will review the submitted work. We have the right to refuse work if it does not meet the terms and conditions. We endeavour to provide feedback where we can, but are a small team with full-time jobs outside of Short Supply, and this may not always be possible. The decision of the judging panel is final. Artists will be notified of the outcome of their submission shortly after selection process whether selected or not.


1. Selected artists will be notified shortly after the selection process and given options for delivery of artwork, whether in person or via post.

2. Artwork must include a suitable hanging system or display for example – mirror plates, plinth etc unless an alternative hang has been discussed and accepted in the selection process.

3. Display options will be discussed with curators for digital, audio and sculptural work – artist may be asked to provide plinths or digital display units etc.

4. Artists will be given a time slot in which they can deliver the work to the gallery, work must be delivered in person, or by an arranged courier discussed with the curators at an earlier date.

5. All works will be condition checked upon arrival. Any works that arrive damaged will need to be removed by the artist.

6. All work delivered must be properly packaged and have a tag with the artists name and title of the work on the packaging. We ask all artists to label the work with ‘Artists Name, Title and Medium’. This can be attached via a luggage tag or adhesive label.

7. Artists must provide the same artwork/s as submitted to the open call; any other work presented which has not been confirmed by the judging panel must be collected by the artist.



Please have a plan for how you will deliver and collect your work before you apply for this open call, as all expenses associated with delivery (physical exhibition) will be the artists responsibility. In extreme cases, we will endeavour to offer a small amount of funding on a case by case basis if the artist is unable to deliver the work otherwise. 

Artists will be given an allocated time slot to collect the work from the gallery, any artwork being taken by courier must be arranged prior to the collection date with curators.

Condition of the artwork will be checked and logged before collection.


Short Supply and Rogue Artist Studio's shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage, destruction, deterioration or wear, including damage to frames caused to a work submitted for or exhibited during the exhibition. Insurance of the artwork during transportation and hanging is the responsibility of the artist and we advise all artists have relevant insurance when exhibiting at the gallery. Please see A-N for optional payment of public liability insurance.