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Matthew Jones

My submission is that of three photographs consisting of a plinth and a wooden chair frame within each one. Two using subtler colour palettes - "Uncertainty" (2020) and "Upturned" (2020) - while "Hanging in There" (2020) uses a more vibrant colour palette of magentas and fuchsias. The plinth represents stability while the chair showcases the unpredictability that comes with the process of  'coming out of the closet' to the people closest to you. The photographs were originally installations and these images documented these installations. The chair is also symbolic as its only a frame and so is not-functioning as its not its full self, symbolic of a closeted person who may not feel like themselves or based on them hiding parts of themselves from view. I like to try and use metaphorical imagery in my work heavily using objects such as plinth or handmade wooden sculptures similarly to the chair.

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