Short Supply was proud to curate Saoirse Lewis: Methods of Observing, which was shown at the Cass Art Gallery in Manchester. Lewis is an emerging artist and recent graduate of Manchester School of Art, as well as a member of Soft Spot, a new artist-led space for testing and exchange in the basement gallery of Manchester’s Mirabel studios. This, Lewis’s first solo exhibition, came straight from her successful selection and win at Short Supply’s North West graduate show MADE IT 2019 back in August 2019.

“The work shown here, in my first solo show, is an amalgamation of influences - removed and re-configured through changing the scale, material and situation to produce an atypical narrative for the objects. Through materials unalike to their original counterparts I am adding humour, playfulness and confusion. I hope to create an environment with sometimes glaringly obvious and sometimes imperceptible origins for the viewer to uncover their own understanding of the objects I am uniting”