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P-ART-Y 2020

February 2020 marked our first birthday of directing Short Supply, one full year of pestering the art world –and we wanted to have a little party to celebrate!! It was our first event of 2020, and we brought you something a little different that shook you out of those January blues.

We brought you:

  • Tunes & Booze (Soup Kitchen’s finest)

  • Art stalls from Local Manchester Creatives

  • Art & Materials Swaps

  • Performances (TBA)

We spent the best part of 2019 collaborating with some of Manchester’s finest, why stop now? We were pleased to host a collection of stalls from some of our favourite creatives, including Keramika MCR, Catherine Jack Artist & Brazen Prints!!

We were also dead excited to present our first art & material swap – got any old or unused materials lying around that you have no idea what to do with, or a piece of artwork you can’t shift that you’d like to trade for something else? The swap was a hoarder’s dream, and an opportunity to get your hands on cool, useful stuff completely free – as long as you brought something along as well! 

Finally, we were thrilled to present a collection of performances throughout the evening by our wonderful friends, Luke Beech, Laura Weaver, Chester Tenneson, Oliver Tennant & Taurtollo!

We had the most incredible 2019 and experienced some wonderful opportunities working within this community, and we wanted to share the love and have a killer evening to commemorate that.

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