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Praewa Bulthaweenan

I am submitting a new video which explores exhaustion as an artist in society. Themes also explored include anxiety/paranoia/confusion of non-binary gender thoughts and the fear of dying. Most of the sounds I make myself; from guitar playing, whistling, screaming, clicking, using a voice editor and slapping the table! This is important as i feel it adds to the surreal element of the overall video. The shift from black and white to colour throughout, is reference to my bipolar.

I am an artist and curator. I run Broken Grey Wires, an organisation exploring mental health through art. I work with emerging and established artists. I create video installations, and try to ensure the audience interacts with the work, creating another realm to explore. Audience is important to me, i want them to feel how i feel (in some aspect) and hope the anxiety created in this video comes across!

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