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Ryan French

In my current practice, I have developed a unique visual language to express my feelings on contemporary society and the media through a queer lens.   using photography, I capture scenes from my day to day existence and re-appropriate them to form intricate digital collages of fantasy environments. The giant collages (up to 2 x 2 meters, although size is variable) are a spectacle and take hundreds of hours to create.   As they are digital images, they can be printed at any size, although they are best displayed at A0, or their maximum size. The collages are saturated with information to the point of 'horror vacui', mirroring the society of excess that we are consumed by. Baudrillard's writings on ‘hyper-reality’ (fakes built upon fakes) and Guy Debord and the Situationist International are particular points of reference, as well as Alan Downs' 'The Velvet Rage'. Identifying as queer has undoubtedly coloured every experience I have and every work of art that I produce, in varying degrees. I have focused on body image and the media, body dysmorphia as a gay man and the sectionalisation of lgbtq+ communities (such as Manchester's Gay Village) to name a few ongoing themes.

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