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Sarah Francis

Francis works in both mixed media sculpture and performance photography as she explores ideas of reality and representation. Fascinated with the uncanny duality of identity, the artist gathers and relocates particular events that were once lost, forgotten or left behind. Francis concentrates on intertwining traces of dreams and memories to create physical landscapes and portraits. Francis’ works centre around the self and what dyslexia, ADHD and queer identity mean to her creative output and creative self. Building her own language and worlds to explore and understand ‘how I made me’.

I am an artist and curator based in Leeds.  I am board of directors of Aire Place Studios who has first-hand experience of mental health, and learning difficulties. I run the exhibition programme which aims to champion each other and those with similar experiences. I have spent many years setting up this community interest and promoting the work other, now after 5 years I have started making again and hope to start exhibiting again. This opportunity would help showcase my new work, and build artist practice back up again.

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