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Short Supply proudly presents Supply Sessions - fancy name, good old fashioned format.

Supply Sessions are informal group critiques for artists based in the North West. These are monthly opportunities to present your work, reflect on your work and discuss/gain new ideas you have with a group of like minded artists in an informal and supportive environment, graciously hosted by the wonderful GRUB.

Group critiques are a familiar format used in art school, and one of the top things we hear graduates miss once they have left. Those natural structural junctures for reflection are extremely valuable to the life of an artist - development and progression take time, and artists do not work in a bubble. We can too easily get caught in our own heads, spending lots of time alone whether we are actively making or held back by life’s many complications.

We were keen to start a string of sessions which address this problem, and provide a regular opportunity to meet with people and try and get inspired. We were also keen to make sure these sessions are affordable and inclusive - so they’re open for anyone and they’re absolutely free!

These sessions are open for a limited number of artists each month, and we are most keen to support graduates and emerging artists less than 3 years into their career, as we feel this group will benefit most from the sessions - but anybody is welcome to join!

Booking is essential - so please visit our eventbrite to reserve your spot.

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