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Tasha Doughty

I have submitted a number of my works from over the past few years that focus on our LGBTQIA+ community. My vision with my personal work is to offer a view in to our world and it's wonderful inhabitants through my lens. I enjoy shooting both on location and in studio, both types of shoots offer different freedoms to get creative with what you have around you. I the planning process with these projects I work very closely with the who the subject will be, to curate images that will convey both their artistic journey and mine. We bounce off of each other with different ideas that we use on the shoot date, and something I love so much about shooting is that once the shoot starts, the ideas keep flowing. Even with our initial concept, ideas will keep cropping up throughout the day and the work that we end up with can take twists and turns from our original idea that we fall in love with, which you just can't plan in advance, it keeps you on your toes at all times.

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