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Zera Tønin

I’m a sentimental hoarder with a lifelong practice of remixing, restyling and recycling. I gather and collect like a doomsday prepper because ‘JUST IN CASE’. I have a British Airways bag from when I was 2 years old, Grandmas shirts and scarves from the 80s, broken jewellery from Claire’s accessories goth section, you name it, I’ve kept it all. Playing dress up is fundamental to exploring my many identities. Growing up without a female figure meant I experimented out of survival, creating my own concepts of femininity and questioning my identity from a very early age. I feel my process is a scarred but beautiful exchange of the inner child and an eccentric, shameless and sexually confidant adult self, reworking nostalgia into futuristic fantasy. With a similar practice to Cindy Sherman or Leigh bowery, my collaged clothes are an extension, amplification and then separation of my self, becoming an independent entity within it’s own narrative. Multi-sensory experiences are extremely important to my artistic delivery, I like to incorporate soundtrack to evoke a deeper essence and certainty of who or what this things is, and sometimes perform my own music in these outfits as part of my wider practice.

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