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In February of 2022, Short Supply was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with artist in residence Jez Dolan on a major retrospective of Derek Jarman at the Manchester Art Gallery. Jez had spent several months working in the gallery, generating a new body of work, and we were excited to be part of the project through delivering a series of participatory sessions for the local creative community.

These sessions were open to queer creatives across the region, and aimed to explore the life and work of Derek Jarman through documentation, painting, writing, reliquary, protest, and film. The sessions were informal and open to everyone, with the goal of making, chatting, thinking, reading, and learning together as a group.

The sessions were designed for both Jarman super fans and newcomers, and Short Supply especially wanted to encourage anyone who had never attended one of their sessions or projects to come along. The goal was to have a diverse representation of the community, and to share their learning as a group with those they may not have had the chance to work with before.

The session schedule was as follows: -
➡️ 25th February #1 Documentation 1-3 pm
➡️ 11th March #2 Painting 1-3 pm
➡️ 18th March #3 Writing 1-3 pm
➡️ 19th March #4 Reliquary 11-3 pm
➡️ 25th March #5 Protest 1-3 pm
➡️ 1st April #6 Film 1-3 pm

This project was a significant accomplishment for us, and we were extremely proud to be delivering it. The team considered it a dream come true to have the opportunity to share creative time with local queer artists, while also reflecting on the outstanding legacy of Derek Jarman.

Short Supply would like to extend their gratitude to Jez Dolan, Manchester Art Gallery, and Arts Council England for making the project possible.


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