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We're delighted to let you know that a long awaited project of ours is almost ready to be unleashed onto the world: our podcast 💥 BANG ON 💥

The first episode will be available to stream in one week’s time on ⏰July 14th ⏰ so get the date in your diary!

To kick to pod off with a BANG (so to speak!) subscribe to the show to get notified the second it goes live - (Our promo trailer is waiting over there for you in the mean time)

What’s it about?

BANG ON is a knowledge sharing podcast, breaking down some of the steps we’ve picked up along the way as an organisation and as artists in building a successful arts career. It’s a podcast for emerging artists, packaging tips and tricks on some of the topics we’ve often been asked about over the years, and we also hope it will be a valuable insight for arts interested people who’d like to learn more about artists and the industry too!

We’ll take listeners on a journey through our step by step guide, joined by a new special guest each week. Want to turn your creativity into a career, but don’t know where to start? We’ll be sharing some of the lessons we didn't learn at art school and how to create art from nothing!

This is a project 12 months in the making and we absolutely cannot wait for you to hear it. It’s silly, informative, packed with art world insights and crucial tips, and it’s just the kind of thing we would have liked access to when we were students just figuring it all out. We hope it will prove useful for those of you in that position right now, and we hope you'll share with somebody in your life that you think this show could be useful for too.

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